The firm has been practicing internet law and internet litigation since 1997. We have handled a number of Federal Trade Commission compliance matters and successfully worked hand in hand with FTC lawyers to develop systems of satisfactory disclosure. We have also developed an expertise in bank and credit card processing matters both domestically and internationally, as well as anti-spamming matters. Our firm has successfully mediated, arbitrated, litigated, and settled cases involving Visa and MasterCard, First Data Corporation, domestic and international processors, multiple offshore and domestic acquiring banks, ISO's and a number of other entities and institutions because of our expertise in the field and by implementing a blend of creative business solutions with aggressive lawyering. In developing that practice, our firm has become knowledgeable concerning all aspects of credit card processing including the interface of Association Rules with the activities of acquiring banks, their merchants, and other related topics. Additionally, we have had meaningful experience and success in recovering large sums of withheld monies from offshore sources, primarily bycreatively obligating those entities to respond to U.S. based litigation.

The firm has represented and continues to represent major online merchants, ISO's, Resellers, Gateways, Processors, and other entities that are involved in internet commerce and/or credit card or ACH processing, focusing on compliance and disclosure issues to avoid agency interference with business practices. Our payment processing litigation practice has included matters involving the laws of many countries and their interface with U.S. procedure and substantive laws, including Germany, the Philippines, Malta, Israel, St. Kitts-Novis, England, Sweden and Canada.